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Lauren Ogden and Legacy posing for a portrait near Nambe, New Mexico.

About Lauren

Lauren started riding dressage at age 10 and has been a dedicated student and teacher in the sport ever since. She was given the opportunity to ride her first FEI horse when she was 16 and competed in the NAYR program in California and Colorado. It was during this time that she was introduced to Guenter Seidel who would become a very influential figure in her riding and training career.

In 2001 Lauren went to Germany as Guenter’s groom and had the opportunity to ride daily on Guenter’s retired Olympic horse Foltaire. She was able to watch Guenter and other top riders from the U.S. and Europe train with Klaus Balkenhol.

In 2003 Lauren moved to San Diego to pursue her education with Guenter and have access to the opportunities Southern California offers to dressage enthusiasts. A year later, she became assistant trainer to Guenter and credits his tutelage for much of her success as a trainer and rider. She has also been influenced by her time studying with Christine Traurig, Herwig Radnetter of the Spanish Riding School, and the late Dietrich von Hopfgarten.

In 2010 she spent three months training with Heidi Gaian and was able to earn her USDF Gold Medal aboard Linda Alexander’s horse Unitario.

Currently, Lauren trains regularly with Guenter and competes two horses owned by Julia Boaz-Cooper at the FEI levels.


Lauren is an exceptional communicator and is lauded by her students for her ability to convey big concepts and small details that unlock their ability to learn easily and progress quickly. She is completely dedicated to her student’s success. In fact many of her long time students frequently comment how Lauren appears to be riding every movement of the test along with them from her spot on the sideline! Lauren’s tireless dedication has helped her riders achieve their goals of earning their USDF Bronze, Silver and Gold Medals.


Lauren is passionate about bringing horses and riders up the levels and believes in using a gentle and compassionate approach. Lightness, harmony, and a classical position are the foundation for her training method. Horses trained by Lauren have a high degree of rideability and a relaxed and positive mind frame. Lauren’s students appreciate her demanding yet patient approach and have enjoyed much success in the show ring as well as developing rewarding relationships with their horses.



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